Slide App - A large image viewer, for small screens

We consume media through our phones, because they are easily accessible and always connected. However this method of receiving information makes very large format information and media difficult to navigate. To help fill this gap, I created an app to quickly view large images on a small screen. 

2 Weeks - Personal 

Skills -  GUI, Wire Framing, After Effects, Paper Prototyping


Looking at a large image on a phone, is like viewing the world through the end of a soda straw. It can be done, but the experience is truly miserable.

Instead, what if our small screens worked more like a portal to view a large image?


I took the concept of a light table. Using slides comes with a certain degree of motion, you must move around in order to view more information, but it is all received and instantly available.

In short,  motion reveals information.

Video Demo

A short video demonstration to illustrate the useful elements of the system.

Where it is the most useful

  • Architectural floor plans
  • Panoramic images
  • Collections of images
  • Email threads with multiple attachments

Screen by Screen Walkthrough


Some additional paper mock ups to get the feel of the expererience

This quick paper test was a good way to demo how the concept of a "portal" could work. 

Here just like in the final I could show how the image is no longer tied to the edges of the phone, and is instead linked to the physical world.




This technology is currently being used for QR codes, in combination with the iPhone's internal camera.

Slide uses a much simpler system, requiring just one tracking point (physical token) to orient the phone in physical space. This is further enhanced by the phone's accelerometer.