Camouflage for Offshore Wind Turbines

Development projects for wind farms in offshore areas, where the wind is most reliable and the demand for electricity is the highest, have met with massive local resistance due to the esthetics of the wind turbines. I wanted to explore if active illuminated camouflage could substantially reduce the visual footprint of these structures. The idea originated in WWII when the allies experimented with hanging lights on tanks to obscure their outline. This project used lights on the wind turbine's structure to match the sky’s overall illumination value, essentially obscuring their silhouette as seen from land.

1 month - Self Initiated Project
Skills - Prototyping, Visual Perception

Working Prototype

Build Process

I built a scale prototype using a foam core silhouette of a wind turbine as seen from land. The structure was covered in LED Tape lights and linked to a potentiometer to control their brightness. I installed the turbine along the San Francisco beach and powered it using a car battery. After some quick adjustments, the silhouette vanished into the background sky.